January 28 Energy News



¶ “The Energiewende paradox” • The German adoption of renewable energy has truly been revolutionary in many ways. In the 1980s, the government and power companies did not believe renewable power production would surpass 4% even in the long run. Today, it has a 38% share. But Germany is not likely to reach its target for 2020. [Livemint]

German rooftop (Getty Images)

¶ “Coal country at crossroads: Future shaky despite promises from Trump” • As ageing coal-fired power plants are shut, coal’s share of the nation’s power mix has plummeted from nearly half in 2008 to roughly a third today. Roughly 20 of 380 have closed or are in the process of shutting since Trump took office, and the future is gloomy. [Longview News-Journal]

¶ “Why decommissioning South Africa’s Koeberg nuclear plant won’t be easy” • South Africa is likely to decommission the Koeberg plant…

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