The Miracle of Healing

Christ’s healings were healings of Consciousness. There was nothing to be examined.

Christ doesn’t see a trace of illness. He never avoided looking at illness. He simply saw through a doorway easy to look through.

Something passes through during a passage of healing. What passes is not an attempt at Union. It is Union. Whatever happens isn’t a learned activity. We can say that it is a gift that passes between two beautiful souls without any -to-do, in the Same Way Two Stars might come out and incidentally light the Night Sky.

That which is called Christ’s healing arises of itself. A healing heals you before it dawns on you. Love is so-far-passing the notice of your heart, it is a mist. It isn’t even a mist.

A healing isn’t named or attended to, yet something happens that elevates the consciousness of the world and elevates it still to this day.

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