Funny How Fox Never Mentions That the Alleged FBI-Steele Conspiracy Can Be Traced Back to One of the GOP’s Biggest Donors

This case has all sorts of holes in it, but the one that’s most egregiously ignored is that the first person to fund Fusion GPS’ research into Donald Trump was one of the top donors in the Republican Party. From an October 2017 Washington Examiner report:

Lawyers for the conservative publication Washington Free Beacon informed the House Intelligence Committee Friday that the organization was the original funder for the anti-Trump opposition research project with Fusion GPS.

The Free Beacon funded the project from the fall of 2015 through the spring of 2016, whereupon it withdrew funding and the project was picked up by the Democratic National Committee and the Hillary Clinton campaign.

The Free Beacon (which, for the record, appears to have stopped paying Fusion before the research firm brought on Christopher Steele) is in turn “largely funded” by hedge fund billionaire Paul Singer, a prolific conservative donor who supported Marco Rubio in the 2016 primary but would then go on to donate $1 million to Trump’s inaugural committee. The person who first got the ball rolling on the alleged conspiracy of lies to destroy Donald Trump is a Republican who has donated to Donald Trump.

via Slate Andrew McCabe Deep State conspiracy involves conservative donor Paul Singer.