Reconnaissance Within Your Heart

There is more to Life than this very moment and more than the current emotions. There is more to Life than defeat. There is more to Life than your feeling abandoned. Dear Ones, do not throw yourself out for the punch so quickly

There is another Day around the corner. There is another Day to say Good Night to. There is another Dawn to rise. There is another Day Break. All is not lost even when you feel that all is lost. Beloveds, how many times have you felt that? How many times have you decided defeat too soon? You don’t have to be so certain. Do you have some satisfaction in conceding defeat? Some kind of sense of pride in saying you’re done? That you don’t want to play any more. Have you removed yourself from the game with “So there! I’m out! I will no longer be trifled with.”

Must it be that if you can’t have all the Love and Fair Play you desire, or you don’t want to play any longer at all, as if you declare defeat by taking pride in it? Can you not be more than a spoilsport who throws in your chips? Must all be lost because you declare it?

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