The Prince and the Pauper

Encourage Life to blossom. Life isn’t a sentence such as a judge in court would hand down. Life isn’t a term that cannot change.

There are many ways a puppy can grow. There are many ways Life can reveal itself. Welcome Life as it occurs. Life isn’t a sure bet, nor does Life have to be defined one way or another. Open to New Possibilities even when you are suspicious of them.

Life is more like: Anything can happen.

Give Life a nudge every now and then to see how Life may surprise you or startle you. You may dream dreams that you never dreamed of, and your dreams can walk in as big as Life. Life doesn’t have to be an apparent soothing tonic. Sometimes Life jumps off a High Diving Board. Take your chances.

Remember the story of the Prince and the Pauper who traded places? Who was the Prince, and Who was the Pauper? Leave room to find out what you are made of.

Sure, you may have to go all around the block to find your own definition of yourself. You may reach the Summit when you are not looking. You may meet all the outer limits. Even boundaries may light you up and you find yourself enlightened along the way.

Change is the Name of the Game. Are you in? By all means, be in. Heads up, Beloveds. Let Life suit itself.

via The Prince and the Pauper | Heavenletters