February 4 Energy News


Worth Reading:

¶ “This farmer gave 600 homes cheap electricity that the power company couldn’t” • At first, he was mocked by his family and neighbors for being “crazy,” but now, even the national electric company wants to buy his DIY hydro-power operation. It all began with a dream to give his remote Indonesian village a better life. [Channel NewsAsia]

The village of Andungbiru

Science and Technology:

¶ A report from the World Resources Institute and the Nature Conservancy says governments around the world have made commitments to reviving nearly 400 million acres of wilderness . As countries push to regrow forests, startups are dreaming up new and faster ways to plant trees. For some innovators that means using drones. [CleanTechnica]

¶ It appears that polar bears are being pushed to extinction faster than had been thought. An increasing number of polar bears cannot catch enough prey to…

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