Permafrost: Now with Added Mercury

Climate Denial Crock of the Week

More scary news about Permafrost.
Important to remember that what I am hearing over and over again about the permafrost feedback – is that, far-and-away, the biggest element of uncertainty about how much will melt – is still what Human beings decide to do with greenhouse gases.

Washington Post:

We already knew that thawing Arctic permafrost would release powerful greenhouse gases. On Monday, scientists revealed it could also release massive amounts of mercury — a potent neurotoxin and serious threat to human health.

Permafrost, the Arctic’s frozen soil, acts as a massive ice trap that keeps carbon stuck in the ground and out of the atmosphere — where, if released as carbon dioxide, the greenhouse gas would drive global warming. But as humans warm the climate, they risk thawing that permafrost and releasing that carbon, with microbial organisms becoming more active and breaking down the ancient plant life that had previously been preserved in the frozen earth…

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