We are Hurtling Toward Death–Step Out of Line and Resist

Muster courage to resist. Outrage is a mere spark; it must ignite the flame of courageous determination or else its light dies swiftly. You will need the stronger fuels of love, hope, and vision to sustain you through the struggle.

Build up your muscles for the marathon of change. Drill and train. Focus your mind. Release the illusion that a normal life is possible. It’s not. Life-as-usual is a race toward extinction. You may not be the first lemming toppling off the cliff’s edge, but you will hurtle over by the time this madness of endless profit-driven growth is done. We must break the chains of expectations and turn the strides of our life in a different direction.

When all of life is at stake, our lives must be thrown into resistance to tip the scales of the world toward life. Assess the patterns of your day-to-day life. If you find yourself spending more time watching movies than at organizing meetings, make a shift. Show up at protests more regularly than parties. Participate in boycotts, strikes, divestment campaigns as often as you go to the grocery store, the bank, or the post office. Train for change as frequently as you exercise your body.

The pull of normalcy and the status quo is strong. Like an undertow, it will try to drag you under and suck you back into the current of our destructive culture. Floating along in complacency is a sure way to be thrust over the waterfall onto the smashing rocks below. You must swim against the current of what our society, workplaces, entertainment, and advertisements call normal. Everything will try to drag you back in line with enticements, burdens, debts, pressures, warnings, and even threats. But remember where this culture is headed: we are hurtling toward death. You must have the courage to step out of line and resist.

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