Neoliberalism is a destructive dogma. Leading to #ClimateChange #War & #Inequality #auspol #qldpol


The Planet Is Burning and Neoliberalism Is Not the Answer

Why market-based solutions like cap-and-trade aren’t progressive.

With the Republican Party in full control of the federal government, much of the energy of the anti-Trump resistance has shifted to the state level, especially in places where Democrats hold considerable power.

But when it comes to climate and energy policies, we must resist the temptation to embrace half-measures and failed market schemes.

Unfortunately, these false climate solutions are being promoted from liberal strongholds from Oregon to Washington to Virginia to New Jersey, where new Democratic governors are being pushed to sign on to cap-and-trade climate incrementalism.

This misguided approach stems from a longstanding political ideology.

Neoliberalism is the destructive dogma embraced by both political parties for about 40 years that privatization, deregulation and competition can fix the world’s many problems.

The policies that emerged from this creed have inflicted a heavy toll…

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