A federal court just unsealed Trump’s 20-year-old dirty secrets

The Trump family hid a dark secret through the financing, construction and attempts to sell the Trump SoHo; Sater’s past as a felon should’ve disqualified him from borrowing $350 million or owning the company that did.

Instead, the Trump family, which leaked emails show knew about Sater’s felonious past, kept it all quiet in the wake of the New York Times revealing the conviction, and even as the project solicited new financing.

Ivanka and Eric Trump were close to being criminally charged for their roles in Trump SoHo until family fixer attorney Marc Kasowitz intervened, and was later discovered to have given a substantial political donation to the Manhattan D.A. Cyrus Vance.

A racketeering and fraud lawsuit against Sater and Bayrock is still in the discovery phase in federal court, after he lost a motion to dismiss the case at the end of December 2016. Bayrock whistleblower Jody Kriss is one of the plaintiffs and told all about Trump’s dirty deal to Bloomberg.

via WashingtonPress A federal court just unsealed Trump’s 20-year-old dirty secrets