February 12 Energy News



¶ “The New Age of Renewable Energy” • Renewable energy is moving from niche to mainstream markets. One of the clearest signs yet: the Middle East is embracing it. Renewable energy is undergoing a revolution. It is surging in scale and plummeting in price, and in the process it is reshaping global energy markets. [The Cairo Review of Global Affairs]

Solar park in Dubai (Ashraf Alamra | Reuters)

¶ “Fight Climate Change, While Earning Up To 7.5% Annually?” • Bloomberg New Energy Finance estimates that the solar energy market through 2040 will be worth about $2.8 trillion. Governments and institutions are supporting small systems and large, but Wunder Capital supports a middle market they have failed to see. [CleanTechnica]

¶ “How a Tasmanian community is taking the power back” • A proposed project would see $150,000 worth of solar panels and battery storage installed across…

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