Solar Prices Continue to Plunge

Climate Denial Crock of the Week


Above, one of the most recyclable yet reliably accurate headlines of the last decade.

Zachary Shahan for Cleantechnica:

Solar power prices have been dropping faster than people expected, even faster than experts expected, and even faster than bullish experts expected.

I wrote about this general point a couple of years ago for an article for The Economist Group. The question I was supposed to explore was whether we needed solar technology breakthroughs in order for solar to take over the electricity generation market. Various solar experts emphasized to me that known, predictable, incremental improvements in solar PV technology and manufacturing would keep bringing down the cost of solar PV — at an incredible clip. The standout point was from Jenny Chase of Bloomberg New Energy Finance (BNEF), who highlighted that her team forecast a solar module* price drop from 62¢/watt in 2015 to 21¢/watt by 2040. That was with…

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