Before Beauty Began

Not for one minute is a price put on Love. Immeasureless is everyday Truth. Monopolies do not exist. Words have not yet been thought of. Who would think of them and why? No such need has arisen. Beauty nonetheless is held High without a price tag. All is Free Will, and Free Will is for all and at a moment’s breath.

Look, there are no numbers yet to count with. There is nothing to be considered as a gain. Naught can be lost.

All is Heart. Separation is not yet even a twinkle in anyone’s eye. Love reveals its magnificence. Price has not yet been conceived. Comparisons have not yet caught on. The world is dominated with Love. There is nothing less than Love. Love is All.

Counting hasn’t yet been thought of. Page Numbers are not yet taken into account. There are no summaries. There are no time constructs. There are no systems. There is nothing to be said. There is no making something out of nothing or vice versa.

Time isn’t pushed ahead nor is time pushed back. Manipulating the world hasn’t yet been discovered or put into place or named yet alone considered. There isn’t yet a now or later or before or after. There is no misappropriation. No misapprehension. There is no naming of the guard. All is as it appears.

Ah, simply, all is Beauty on Earth for the asking.

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