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Global Sea Level Rise Is Accelerating – Study | UNFCCC

UN Climate Change News, 13 February 2018 – Sea level rise from melting ice sheets is accelerating around the world and the annual rate of the rise could more than triple every year by 2100, according to data published this week in the Proceedings of the American Academy of Sciences (PNAS).

A team of researchers led by University of Colorado-Boulder professor of aerospace engineering sciences Steve Nerem, relied on information collected by satellites over twenty-five years.

The research of the team shows that sea level rise from melting ice sheets is already responsible for half of the 7 centimeters of increase observed since 1993. At the current rate, the rise of the level of the oceans of about 3 millimeters per year right now could more than triple to reach 10 an extra millimeters per year by 2100.

This would…

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