Eating disorders: The dark side of figure skating

But until Gold’s announcement last October that she would not be competing in the Pyeongchang Games as she was still “undergoing treatment for depression, anxiety and an eating disorder”, this remained an underside of skating that many have been reluctant to acknowledge.

“Gracie coming forward was radical,” said Joe Johnson, a Team USA figure skater.

“We’re now seeing an unprecedented number of people talking about mental health issues in skating. It’s not something there’s ever really been an open dialogue about.

“Skating is taxing, emotionally and physically. You train six hours a day for about 1,000 hours a year. All this to compete for just a few minutes. A lot of skaters keep quiet about any worries or issues due to a perceived fear of appearing weak.”

via Eating disorders: The dark side of figure skating | Sport | Al Jazeera