The Theory of Relativity

Are you reminded of Einstein’s Theory of Relativity as perceived from two different spots on a train? Perhaps Relativity may mean that anything is possible. Therefore, anything may be fiction. What I, God, see as I see it from the angle of Heaven, which I most certainly do, is the Absolute Truth.

Beware of standard thinking as a model. Why? Well, Dear Ones, because, with standard thinking, you may miss out on what is Absolutely True. Of course, what appears as True to you appears from where you are sitting. This is another good reason why you don’t want to be so certain that you are as smart as you think you are. Think of it this: You may be far smarter than you you think!

Beloveds, I do bet on you. Open yourself to your own openness and even go so far as to change where you come from and sit.

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