The Weekend Wonk: Climate Skeptics who Followed the Evidence, and Changed Their Minds

Climate Denial Crock of the Week

A lot of comment this week on the new video about Jerry Taylor, formerly a reliable climate “skeptic” voice on Fox News and elsewhere – who turned completely when he actually started looking at the data with an open mind.
Turns out that’s not a unique experience.

The Physicist:
Richard Muller made himself a high profile name in the anti-science community by making a number of outrageous and uninformed statements about climate scientists and science some years back.
That’s probably what helped him attract Koch Brothers funding to re-examine global temperature records. To his credit, he assembled a crack team and did a comprehensive analysis.
Spoiler, they found what every other crack team had found before.

The TV Meteorologists:

At an American Meteorological Society event a few years ago, Greg Fishel, a TV Weather caster from Raleigh, NC, came up to shake my hand. Apparently the Climate Crocks videos were…

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