Hope Hicks has sold out Donald Trump and resigned. Here’s what happens next.

Trump’s former legal spokesman Mark Corallo reportedly testified to Mueller last week that he heard Hicks promising to suppress Trump Jr’s emails. Legally speaking, it’s one thing to be in the room when obstruction of justice is to be plotted, and it’s a whole other thing to be the one volunteering to carry out the actual obstruction. If Mueller has been able to substantiate Corallo’s testimony, Hicks was looking at a major prison sentence. So of course she has to flip. It also means that she can nail Trump for a much deeper and more damning level of obstruction than perhaps any of his other advisers could have.

As far as we know Robert Mueller never did charge Steve Bannon for having been a party to Donald Trump’s obstruction of justice conversations. It appears Mueller simply let him off the hook in exchange for cooperating testimony (although this could turn out to be an entirely different story). In the case of Hope Hicks, we don’t know if Mueller will treat her Michael Flynn, forcing her to plead guilty to criminal charges in exchange for leniency, or if he’ll simply let her off the hook for her cooperation. She already testified for Mueller months ago, but that was before Corallo incriminated her. So we’ll see how the “deal” plays out. But either way, Hicks’ testimony can nail Trump to the wall for obstruction.

via Hope Hicks has sold out Donald Trump and resigned. Here’s what happens next. – Palmer Report

Some people are saying that Hope is what held Trump together, and that now she is gone, he will quickly come unglued and go down into a death spiral.

Time will tell.