Revoke the NRA’s 501c4 Tax Exemption as a Social Welfare Org for Lobbying & Gun Marketing

If we challenge their tax exemption on their non social services activities, at the current corporate tax rate, the NRA would have to pay around $63M on activities that include lobbying and supporting advertising for the gun manufacturer and supplier industry.

12.5% of its $334M 2014 budget is spent on actual educational services, just $54.5 million on firearms education, safety, and marksmanship training that would actually qualify for exemption.

The NRA spent over $50M in donations to political candidates in 2016. $12M to #Trump $7M lifetime to #JohnMcCain.

They spent another $85M on other legislation, lobbying and marketing activities. The latter is actually a portfolio of magazines that profit $25M from advertising sold by gun manufacturers. None of these activities qualify for a tax exemption.

via Petizione · IRS: Revoke the NRA’s 501(c)4 Tax Exemption as a Social Welfare Org ·