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  1. Russia Again Takes Discarded Old US Nuclear Tech From The 1950s/60s (Putin Pretends It’s New); US Considered It Too Dangerous And Provocative

    model of the Supersonic Low-Altitude Missile (SLAM)
    Putin appears to have just announced that they are or will use the USA’s old Supersonic Low Altitude Missile (SLAM) from project Pluto: “On May 14, 1961, the world’s first nuclear ramjet engine, Tory IIA-I, mounted on a railroad car, roared to life for just a few seconds. Almost immediately after its successful test run, work began on Tory II-B, a lighter, more powerful engine. Tory II-B never got beyond the drawing board, but three years after Tory IIA-I, Tory-II-C was tested, and a week later it was run for five minutes at full-power, producing 513 megawatts – the equivalent of more than 35,000 pounds of thrust.
    Despite its success, the Pentagon and Pluto sponsors were having second thoughts about the project. Military factions worried that Pluto would be dangerous to U.S. allies.

    The new nuclear torpedo and nuclear cruise missle that trump gave putin, and now putin is threatening to use on the us uses a small nuclear reactor to heat up water or air for propulsion. The ultimate in dirty, radioactive weapons of mass destruction. These weapons use a nuclear reactor for a motor and leaves a massive amount of radioactive exaust in its wake. It is so loud and dangerous to build and launch the us abondoned but neither Trump or Putin care about that. Will probably kill more people, building it, and lauching it than any strategic value it has. Psychotic nucleoape ss like trump and putin do not care though.
    The satanic billionaires and oligarchs love this because the stability and growth of their wealth is based on war, nuclear deat, nuclear mass murder. Whether it is the zionist oligarchs like sheldon adelson, russian oligarchs like putin and his rosatam cronies, the kochs, the mercers, zionist rusian oligarchs, nazi oligarchs in poland, ukraine, hungary, buffet, gates, they are all evil killer bastards that feed from the same trough.


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  2. Trump Administration Apparently Agreed To Give America’s Latest Nuclear Propulsion Technology To Russia In September 2017
    05MondayMar 2018
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    “The Trump Administration (NASA) signed an agreement with Russia (Roscosmos) in September 2017. This would appear to include giving America’s latest nuclear propulsion technology to them. Is that what Putin was bragging about?

    “NASA has already engaged industry partners in gateway concept studies. Roscosmos and other space station partner agencies are preparing to do the same.“.

    Image Credit: NASA/MSFC/Emmett Given

    Notice that NASA is already working on this and Roscosmos is “preparing” – but gee, they won’t have to, it seems, for the US taxpayer will give it all to them with Trump’s help. The US, Norway and some European countries paid to help secure and clean-up Russia’s old nuclear waste, enabling Russia to use its money to build more nuclear submarines, a floating nuclear reactor (first invented by the US govt.), etc. Russia has benefitted from tech transfer before – Ford (1929) who created GAZ and the father of the Koch brothers, who taught them to make gasoline, spring to mind. More recently DaimlerChrysler sold an entire old assembly line to (now Deripaska owned) GAZ in 2006. There were many other examples – Anthony Sutton listed many of them. Cummins engines started doing business with the USSR-Russia during the Cold War. US Vice President Pence’s brother was VP at Cummins (until Dec. 2017), and started working for them in 1981. Russia and the US both got military related technology from Nazi scientists after WWII, too. It is worth noting that this is effectively the Executive (Trump) overriding the will of the legislative branch (US Congress), which voted sanctions against Russia, albeit weak ones.”

    US research is well underway and Russia is being allowed to waltz right in while Russia is still

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      Does not look like enenews censored. Looks like owner has given up the site. More hysterical nonsense from the Cuttlefish

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