Pilgrim Nuke Plant Shut Down in Stormy Weather

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They are southeast from Boston [MAP].

They have a plumbing leak –

“a possible leak in the system that provides it with hot water.” – REPORT.

But since they don’t even know if it’s a leak stopping the water or other malfunction this explanation goes into the dubious category.

And, yeah, with paralyzing storms striking the U.S. Northeast and the UK and North Europe . . . how can a mass evacuation of any affected city be accomplished should a “mishap” occur at any of the aged nuke plants nearby??? 

Cities have airports shut down and high winds are suspending rail service. Roads are impassible because of snow and downed trees. 

They aren’t even supposed to be operating anymore. 2015 Boston Globe story

PLYMOUTH — Pilgrim Nuclear Power Station, which has supplied power to more than a half-million homes and businesses for four decades but…

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