Thy Name Is Stillness | Heavenletters

You are My Faith. All I require I have, and this is You. You are My Foundation. Nothing else is.

“Money is not. What a joke money is. It is hard for me to believe that every Human Being must have coin and/or paper in order to have Daily Bread. Even in movies, this seems like nonsense. God, You sustain Me, and I am sustained.

“God, what is all the big fuss in the world about anyway? The world is, or the world is not, yet You are always. You are Infinite, so then I must be Infinite as well.

“God, Beloved God, this is my Testament to You. Upon You, I depend. God, upon me, You can depend. We are Friends. We exist forever. We exist as One forever and ever. We can never not exist.

“This is Our Covenant. I know so. You have opened all doors to me, and You keep them open, and I am at Your Service. There is nothing greater than this — that We exchange Our Fealty. We are ordained as One.

“Thank You, God, for Your Trust in me. Hallowed be Thy Name.”

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