March 18 Energy News



¶ “How A Handful Of Community Organizers Got NYC To Take On One Of The Most Powerful Industries On Earth” • New York Mayor Bill de Blasio kicked off 2018 by declaring war on the oil industry. But at the start of the story were people who had never had a voice sending a message that could be heard around the world. [CleanTechnica]

New York City

¶ “4 Psychology Lessons That Can Teach Us About Inspiring Climate Action” • We know it is important to educate the public so people understand why climate change is happening, what regions are most at risk, and how its impacts continue to harm our health and economy. Education, however, is the easy part. Behaviors need to change. [CleanTechnica]

¶ “A Contentious Debate: Green Energy vs. Green Space” • Each year, Rhode Island’s forests absorb, on average, 88 tons of…

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