‘Public Safety Is None of Your Business’

The rich don’t care about the firearm savagery in the streets, schools and public squares. They don’t care about our danger and fear. They live in gated, heavily guarded, luxurious compounds, protected from the ricochets outside and below. The political system they sit atop and profit from isn’t about democracy. It’s about something very different: It’s about capitalism. If they thought widespread gun ownership among all us poor little fools was a threat to that system, they’d use the enormous political power that flows from their wealth to rein guns in. But they don’t.

Capitalism careens in the direction of fascism, which always leaves the masters of capital in control.

But notice the kids this time—the remarkable and inspiring new wave of Parkland-inspired youths who are hitting the streets, demanding basic humanist reform and elementary public decency and safety beyond the endless state-capitalist election cycles that are sold to us as “politics,” the only politics that matter: the candidate-centered, major-party electoral politics that always bring despair to all us poor little fools, who need to understand that world peace and so much more is none of our business.

The comfortable, retired, baby-boomer Democrat who sits near me over a computer in the coffee shop is planning her and her husband’s next globetrotting, planet-cooking vacation to some remote and, she says, “delicious” corner of the planet. How grand. She votes, and, in Iowa, caucuses. The voting takes two minutes. The caucusing takes two hours. She takes the time for this once every four years. She marched against the Vietnam War half a century ago.

via Truthdig ‘Public Safety Is None of Your Business’