Trump 2016 Campaign Manager Manafort Linked To Russian Intelligence Service (FBI-Mueller)

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Person A, with close business ties to Manafort and Gates, as well as ties to a Russian Intel service (GRU), according to Special Counsel (Mueller) documents, is apparently Kilimnik. He is believed to have acted as a liaison between former Trump campaign manager Paul Manafort, and Russian oligarch Oleg Deripaska, as reported in the Washington Post. “Person A worked with Manafort and Gates in connection with their Ukraine lobbying work. Person A is a foreign national and was a close business colleague of Manafort and Gates. He worked in Ukraine at Manafort’s company Davis Manafort International, LLC (DMI). Up until mid-August 2016, Person A lived in Kiev and Moscow“, according to the recent Van der Zwaan sentencing memo. He helped to ghost write an op-ed with Manafort, according to an earlier Mueller investigation document. Manafort has represented Deripaska as a lobbyist, in the past.

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