April 2 Energy News



¶ “What Holds Up Automakers From Catching Up To Tesla? Corporate Inertia” • Most of the major automakers have well-thought-out strategies for electrification, but successfully implementing these plans will be an uphill battle because their corporate cultures are not conducive to pushing a new product at the expense of an old one. [CleanTechnica]

Tesla’s Model S (Instagram: teslamarksthespot)

¶ “As the world transitions to clean energy, are Canadian companies ready?” • Change happens, with or without us. Just as social media upended communications, the transition to clean energy is rapidly undoing century-old expectations around electricity, transportation, and oil. And it is happening in market-shifting ways. [The Globe and Mail]

¶ “The (long) Weekend Read: A view of the large-scale boom” • From having few large-scale solar PV projects recently, Australia is becoming one of the world’s fastest-growing markets. With a substantial project pipeline, the country is…

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