Did The ‘Cold War’ Ever Actually End?


Or have the combatants merely changed?

Corporate predators don’t shoot us (usually), but they use more discreet weapons to kill and maim. Many don’t appear to be weapons because we’ve been conditioned not to question the rules of engagement set by these manipulative rulers.

Fact: Pesticides and herbicides are actually biological weapons. And we use these weapons on ourselves. Amazing…

Bank owners control the printing of currency and manipulate the value of the work WE do while sitting in quiet, comfortable offices. They live a sterile existence outside the bustle of human activity and heartlessly pass judgement on the value of life’s many necessities. They lend money to people who already have enough simply so those people can collect more of it. They turn those of us in need into slaves for the privilege of borrowing the money for which we will work hard many hours. And they have the…

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