April 5 Energy News



¶ “Energy costs: Renewables close in on fossil fuels, challenging on price” • Coal has been getting the squeeze for years now, but the plunging cost of renewable energy is already starting to give natural gas a run for its money. For the incumbent fossil fuel industry, the implications are dire. And batteries are a new part of the mix. [The Coloradoan]

Golden Hills wind farm (Photo: Google)


¶ Australia’s boom in rooftop solar is accelerating, with a record 351 MW of installations in the first quarter of 2018. Industry statistician SunWiz said this total for the first three months of the year is 56% of last year, 33% ahead of the record first quarter in 2013, and more than double the “miserable” performance of 2016. [RenewEconomy]

¶ March of 2018 was a good month for clean transportation in Norway. There were 14,401 new…

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