Trump/Putin at War with Public Understanding of Climate Science

Climate Denial Crock of the Week

Above, shocking to see archival footage of scientists predicting, in the early 80s, what we are now seeing emerge in global climate.

Still, with the Presidential bully pulpit and an international network of anti-science megaphones, the Trump/Putin administration has been pushing public understanding of science downward, again.


Climate scientists say an internal U.S. Environmental Protection Agency memo on how officials should talk to the public about global warming doesn’t reflect reality.

EPA’s public affairs office put out “a set of talking points about climate change” to help the agency have a consistent message, the Huffington Post reported this week.

The Associated Press, which also obtained the memo, contacted 15 climate scientists. They all said EPA wasn’t accurately portraying the degree of knowledge that researchers know about climate change and humanity’s role. For decades, scientists have being saying that the burning of fossil fuels increases greenhouse gases, such as carbon…

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