The Necessary (R)evolution Will Not Be Televised


Capitalism is oppression. It’s oppression delivered through racism, patriarchy, intolerance of “others”, religious zealotry and other tools of dividing us – basically the spreading of hate, greed and fear. It’s neatly wrapped and sprinkled with the sugar (and spice and everything nice) of patriotism, socially acceptable responsibility (working “hard”) and more ignorance & greed, then baked to a golden crisp of blind (and bland) obedience due to the fear of being different (strong) enough to think for ourselves.

Done. The rest is details and probably doesn’t matter. We need to face this Truth or continue to suffer in ignorant self-delusion. We’ve brought this upon ourselves and only We (the people?) can do anything about it.

The legendary prophet Gil Scott-Heron knew that we need a Revolution to throw off the shackles of obedience to a suicidal system based on inequality. The United States was born of genocide, nurtured on slavery and has…

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