April 11 Energy News



¶ The world’s most powerful wind turbine, the first of two 8.8-MW turbines, has been successfully installed at Vattenfall’s European Offshore Wind Deployment Centre off the coast of North East Scotland, which is set to be a groundbreaking testbed for new offshore wind technologies. It is the first time a turbine this large was installed. [CleanTechnica]

Installing the suction bucket jacket foundation (Vattenfall)

¶ BayWa re renewable energy GmbH announced today it has entered into a power purchase agreement with Norwegian energy group Statkraft for the 170-MWp Don Rodrigo solar project in Spain. The BayWa AG unit notes in its announcement that this is one of the first solar projects of this size in Europe not reliant on any subsidies. [Renewables Now]

¶ Siemens Gamesa Renewable Energy announced that it was awarded the contract to build what it is calling a “pioneering” 194-MW onshore wind farm…

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