“They’re Just a Bunch of Crazy Mothers” – One #Crazymother Speaks Out and You Want to Hear What She has to Say

A very common tactic used by the corporate “mainstream” media, Big Pharma, and the government to try and convince the public that only uneducated people question vaccines, is to try and paint the debate as being between informed professionals, such as doctors and scientists, who they claim all agree that vaccines are safe and effective, and parents, particularly mothers, who are impassioned but ignorant when it comes to vaccine safety or efficacy.

We have spent considerable time debunking the first premise in this argument, and one can search and find many articles in our network with quotes and interviews from medical doctors and scientists who question vaccines.

The science is not settled.

But what about the second premise in this often-used argument? Are mothers really ignorant when discussing vaccine safety in regards to their children?

Who is the best “expert” to speak about the health of any given child, if not that child’s mother? And in today’s modern U.S. society, are not many of these mothers also among the doctors and scientists who speak out about vaccine safety?

Yes, they most certainly are, and we have featured many of these doctors and scientists here at Health Impact News.

Dr. Bob Zajac is a board-certified pediatrician who, by his own admission, used to be a “vaccine bully” who believed that parents that chose not to vaccinate were uninformed. But he began to notice that the patients in his practice who were not vaccinated, or “under-vaccinated,” tended to be healthier than those patients who followed the CDC vaccine schedule.


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