170 Members of the US Congress Introduce Resolution Calling for Trump EPA Head Pruitt’s Resignation

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Albuquerque New Mexico and the Sandia Mountains at sunset

Senator Tom Udall — US Senator for New Mexico
Today, I introduced a resolution formally calling on EPA Administrator Scott Pruitt to resign. I was joined on this resolution by 38 of my Senate colleagues—the highest number of senators to sign a resolution formally calling for a cabinet official’s resignation in U.S. history. This historic resolution sends an unequivocal message to the administration: the American public has lost faith in Scott Pruitt, and it’s time for him to go. During his time in office, Pruitt has waged all-out war on the bedrock protections that keep our air and water clean, prevent toxic chemicals from contaminating our communities, and safeguard the health of our kids and families. He has done lasting damage to public health and safety – gutting the EPA’s core mission – all to benefit his campaign donors and…

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