The locusts are swarming again in Trinidad

Repeating Islands


A report by Sandhya Santoo for Trinidad’s Express.

SWARMS of locusts have arrived in Piparo and have begun eating their way through the farmlands.

Farmer and resident at Johnstone Road, Richard Boodoo said he risks losing his fields of crops and little has been done by the Ministry of Agriculture to contain the situation.

Boodoo is calling for the Ministry of Agriculture to intervention and begin spraying pesticide in the area.

Boodoo said he has made numerous complaints to the Ministry for assistance, with no response.

“I have called so many times for them to come out to my side and they haven’t come. I don’t know what the y are waiting for but the locust will eat away everything that I have planted. I have fields of coconuts and hot peppers and I could lose it all. The locust eating away everything and Ministry isn’t doing enough,” he…

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