The U.S. Role in the Destruction of Syria

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The U.S. Role in the Destruction of Syria
By David Ray Griffin

Information Clearing House” – In Syria, the goal of creating chaos has succeeded in spades. Mnar Muhawesh wrote: [F]oreign powers have sunk the nation into a nightmare combination of civil war, foreign invasion and terrorism. Syrians are in the impossible position of having to choose between living in a warzone, being targeted by groups like ISIS and the Syrian government’s brutal crack- down, or faring dangerous waters with minimal safety equipment only to be denied food, water and safety by European governments if they reach shore.

Of course, many Syrians were unable, or chose not to try, to reach Europe. Continuing her discussion of the refugee crisis created by the destabilization of Syria, Muhawesh added:

Other Syrians seeing the chaos at home have turned to neighboring Arab Muslim countries. Jordan alone has absorbed over half a…

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    Eric Zuesse

    Did you know that Vice President Dick Cheney admitted that on 11 September 2001 he, as President George W. Bush’s brief stand-in during the 9/11 attacks that hit the World Trade Center and the Pentagon, issued an order (and it was carried out) to shoot down United Airlines Flight 93 while it was in the air near Pittsburgh? If what he said at the time was true, then the standard ‘historical’ account of the plane’s having been brought down as a result of action by the passengers, would be concocted, not history at all.

    Here is the video-clip of V.P. Cheney on 9/11, making this claim and explaining why he gave that order:

    The Wikipedia article on Flight 93 provides the standard account, and fails even so much as just to mention the Vice President’a assertion and explanation that he provided on national TV at the time of the 9/11 events.

    So: I edited the Wikipedia article by adding a sentence at the end of its opening paragraph, and by following that sentence with a brief second paragraph, and here is that entire two-sentence addition:

    Vice President Dick Cheney alleged that he gave the order to shoot down Flight 93, and explained why when asked about it by Chris Wallace of Fox News as shown in this film-clip:

    Consequently, the account given below of what brought the plane down — an account inconsistent with what Cheney said — could be entirely false.

    On the web browser that I was using, the addition showed as having been successfully made in the Wikipedia article. However, to be sure, I opened the URL in a different browser, and this time my addition was absent. I then went back to the “Edit” page” and this time to the “View history” page, and clicked there on “(talk)” and found this message, which I saw virtually immediately after I had thought that I had inserted the new information:

    Hello, I’m Shellwood. I wanted to let you know that I reverted one of your recent contributions —specifically this edit to United Airlines Flight 93— because it did not appear constructive.

    No other explanation for blocking my addition was provided. “Shellwood” was there saying that mentioning, and linking to the video of Cheney saying, that allegation, which Cheney made on 9/11 about how Flight 93 came down, is not “constructive” to Wikipedia-readers who want information about Flight 93.

    Previously, even the BBC published the fact that Wikipedia is edited by the CIA.


    As of today, April 20th, the Wikipedia article on Flight 93 does make one, and only one, mention of Cheney:

    Vice President Dick Cheney, in the Presidential Emergency Operations Center deep under the White House, upon learning of the premature crash, is reported to have said, “I think an act of heroism just took place on that plane.”[2]

    The link there, [2], goes to a CNN article, likewise published on 11 September 2001, which likewise presents Cheney as saying that he ordered the shoot-down of Flight 93:

    After the planes struck the twin towers, a third took a chunk out of the Pentagon. Cheney then heard a report that a plane over Pennsylvania was heading for Washington. A military assistant asked Cheney twice for authority to shoot it down.

    “The vice president said yes again,” remembered Josh Bolton, deputy White House chief of staff. “And the aide then asked a third time. He said, ‘Just confirming, sir, authority to engage?’ And the vice president — his voice got a little annoyed then — said, ‘I said yes.’”

    The phrase that Wikipedia is quoting from Cheney, “I think an act of heroism just took place on that plane,” appears later in that CNN article, out of context, when one of Cheney’s aides attributes the statement to Cheney, but, since CNN provided no context for it, no reader can intelligently interpret what it had been referring to, if, in fact, the aide did say that Cheney did say it.

    Wikipedia grabbed that out-of-context, possibly apocryphal, Cheney-statement, and constructed their ‘history’ of the plane’s crash, upon it, despite the fact that Cheney, on 9/11, clearly stated that he had ordered Flight 93 to be shot down, and that the order was executed — in other words: despite the fact that Wikipedia’s account of what brought that plane down is incontrovertibly false, even on the basis of the most reliable evidence that Wikipedia itself links to on that matter. Such a ‘history’ is fiction.

    So: any reader at the Wikipedia article who clicks onto its sources, can easily know that though the Wikipedia article presents a ‘history’ in which actions by passengers onboard Flight 93 caused the plane to crash there, that ‘history’ is fake, not at all real (though some allegations in that Wikipedia article might happen to be true).

    This means that only readers who click through to sources can even possibly come anywhere near to knowing anything that’s at all reliable about the history of our time. And, of course, the longer that any event recedes into history, the more immovably fixed the lies become as being ‘history’. We live actually in a world of lies. If modern ‘history’ is fake, then ancient ‘history’ is even more so. What about the Bible? What about even recently written ‘history’ books?

    If Wikipedia is the best that ‘the market’ can come up with for ‘a free press’ in a ‘democracy’, then democracy isn’t at all possible. Something vastly better than this is definitely needed. What’s displayed here isn’t democracy at all: it’s merely ‘democracy’. This means that all of the military invasions by ‘democratic’ countries (such as America), against other countries, are the actions by dictatorships, not actions against dictatorships (as is always claimed).

    So, it’s actually rather easy to document that 1984 — the reality, and not merely the novel — has, indeed, arrived, in our time.

    However, at least in our time, we possess — for the first time in all of history — the ability to access, merely a click away, an allegation’s actual source, at least in articles such as the present one (since all sources here are linked). The residents in ancient times who were not themselves aristocrats who made the key governmental decisions, were unalterably 100% vulnerable to being deceived by aristocrats’ and clergies’ lies, into doing whatever those decision-makers wanted to manipulate them into doing — such as “fighting for God and country!” Unfortunately, the percentage of today’s people who care enough to be skeptical of whatever other people are trying to sell, and to dig deeper than the mere assertions, even just to click onto a link, is too tiny for democracy to be able to function. Unless they become the majority, “democracy” will remain merely a word, not yet even near to being the reality, anywhere.

    That, for example, explains why, despite common realities such as this, “74% [of Americans] view Israel favorably, vs. 21% for Palestinian Authority”. In order for the national aristocracy to control its mass of voters, it must first deceive its mass of voters; and, in America, they’re deceived, and have been decieved all along

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  2. Most of what people think they see, in murica is gutter lies, manipulative smelly horseshit, psychotic conspiracy confabulation, hyperiintellectualized bullshit.  Many people like me  have done every job there is, in shithole murica. Worked in nuclear plants. Breathed industrial chemical shit or rad shit dust in muricas backbone ,industrial fukholes. We have cleaned at a mcdonalds. Bagged groceries. Dug ditches. Shoveled horse shit, If people came even close to getting payed, by how hard, they had to work and how dangerous a lot of peoples work is maybe things would be different.  If people were given decent places to live , decent healthcare in this shitass place, maybe things, would be a lot different . Maybe things might be different for many,in this assinine blowhard, parallel fukwad and degenerating shithole society. But they are not.

    If every month a person like a sociology college professor, a quack blowhard doctor who constantly misdiagnoses overprecribes garbage shit , and spends most of its time bitching about crappy private and medicare reimbursements had to really work. If a shitass lawyer had to work a day at a burger king or, in a smelly dangerous chemical  industrial plant, or as a  low end medical aid or bedpan nurse , at amazon or walmart, or as a cop things would be different. If they  had to pay 2/3 of their income in a ghetto tenament for rent, w no access to medical care, barely paying bills, watching this shit society fall apart around them…….

    If crooked politicians and their sire …….

    Maybe people who work hard,  would get paid ok . Maybe more would have a decent place to live, healthcare, food that is not riddled with shit poison chemicals, maybe things would be different. Maybe the people who have comforts would stop bitching about the people  they percieve less than human and become semi human themselves.

    If more people here saw the real murica, maybe there would be some changes. 

    If people from africa saw the way things really are  here for most people:The garbage, the violence, the smugness,  with shit lying med care, overindulgence in the junky phoney-wasteful, fake society . Piles of chemical and redioactive garbage. The chronic illness from the pollution and shit fake abundance, the overconsumption. 

    It they saw what most likely awaits most of them if  they come here: The hate, the itinerant shelter, maybe they would rally to save their own countries that still have some clean water , air, and soil. If shitwad mureicans saw reality, maybe they would do something with the evil demon 
    Killers leaders, liars and scumbags. Their criminal politicians ,   that are destroying africa and the rest of the world. That are destroying this country. 

    And yet  all the dumn monkeys here,  ignore the ecocidal destruction of life support that makes them fat, stupid, makes their children be birth defects, makes everyone hate everyone else,   in this chemical-radioactive sewer. Maybe there would be incentive for the africans to do something about their countries.

    If you  saw the shitty delapidated boarding houses, with 100 rooms in major cities. The firetrap boarding houses that have shit on the walls in the main halls, shared toilets an 8 by 10 room for 800 hundred a month with 3 african refugees in each 8 by 10 room . African refugees that go to Mcdonalds down the street, for free wifi to talk to their white prostitute girlfriends in jail.

    All the chaos, wastes, violence, nonsensical bullcrap, walking over homeless people in shithole cities. If you stopped and really saw and talked to young people who cannot afford to move out of their parents houses or young people and working poor families, that work three shit jobs to pay 1300 a month for a shithole. 

    There are the more privilidged working at a chemical plant, breathing crap that will kill u in 15 years. Working in shit chemical plants  makes half the kids they sire retarded with birth defects, so they can drive that nice big truck.  So they can contribute further  to the huge islands of garbage in the  ocean, the size of texas. Have more water full of radium from fracking and cars and coal plants, yet the illusion must go on.There are a lot fewer birds in many cities in murica,  not many because of pesticides, fuku, car exhaust, nucular power trash 75 percent if insects in n hemisphere dead. Nuclear power plants on the verge of fukups , that constantly belch radioactive tritium dioxide in wit the water vaor from their cooling towers, into the environment.
    Whats left of wildlife un murica is coyotes and crows moving into degenerate human shitholes to eek it out for a while.

    There are the sycopants and suckasses  who have lived comfortably, as librarians et al, and cannot really think for themselves . They prattle on about some fuking payed political hack racist , loser college professors in canada. Demented old idiots living on social security and or some bloated pension, they do not deserve, that watch fox tv. The same fox where a talking head tells them to vote for asses that further want to degrade them, fuk them and everyone else over. That want  bomb more innocents all over the world into oblivian. .

    Their are engineers and workers,adminstators, vampire ceos, sukasses, criminal politicians, wall street vampire squids living comfortably. They create the weapons and munitions . The death machines for the empire, to massacre innocent people, all over the world and turn them into refugees.

     Of course, the refugees are forced to cum to this degenerating chemical radioactive , shithole . Many end up in poverty or maybe 1 or two can be sociology professors..

    Meanwhile, The Vampire squid shitheads that  pedeantic college  professors call,  masters of the universe, in their suckass intellecualized diversions talk, enourage the propaganda. Wal street vampire squid hedge fund “managers” are destroying peoples pension funds, gulping resources en masse, killing what is left OF THE ENVIRONMENT, and pushing more people to the edge, in this goddamed eraserhead nightmare.

    What is left of an eco system in this fake fraudulent chemical, radioactive craphole. In this police and nuclear security state is rapidly dying.

    There are a far fewer birds anywhere in the us shithole usa. All of the fukwads with their rosecolored glasses, never notice it. There not many because of pesticides. There are the chemical and coal plants.  There is the fracking  that poisons our water with radium. There is the jet exhuast, th car exhaust, nucular power trash. 75 percent of insects in n hemisphere are dead. Most birds are gone. U cannot eat fish from the great lakes. Really not even the ocean.

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