911 Trillions: Follow the Money

The Most Revolutionary Act

In this documentary, James Corbett approaches the mystery of 9-11 by tracing money flows rather than physical evidence – ie he identifies individuals and companies that plainly had foreknowledge of the 9-11 attacks and used it to reap windfall profits.

The three main ways people profited from 9-11 were insurance scams, insider trading and fraudulent electronic transactions. Ironically the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC), 9-11 Commission and FBI identified some of the same scam artists as Corbett and other private researchers. Bizarrely they declined to indict them owing to “no known ties to al Qaeda.”

Insurance Scams

Key suspects: Larry Silverman, GMAC (the finance arm of General Motors) and real estate developers Lloyd Goldman and Joseph Kerr. GMAC, Goldman and Kerr helped finance Silverman’s purchase of the Twin towers from the New York Port Authority in July 2001. Immediately on taking possession, Silverman doubled the insurance coverage from $1.5 billion…

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  1. Don’t forget they used Red Cross to drug all the relatives of victims who signed away their legal rights. The few who balked were mercilessly pursued.

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