April 30 Energy News



¶ “Energy costs: Renewables close in on fossil fuels, challenging on price” • Coal has been getting the squeeze for years now, but the plunging cost of renewable energy is starting to give natural gas a run for its money. The implications for the fossil fuel industry are dire. And batteries are making renewable power dispatchable. [Farmington Daily Times]

Golden Hills wind farm (Photo: Google)

¶ “No Need To Wait: Electric Buses Are Cost-Competitive Transit Buses Today” • Electric buses have proven savings and efficiencies. These are even more attractive when the extreme pricing fluctuations of diesel and CNG are taken into account. By contrast, electricity prices are extremely stable and can be supplied renewably. [CleanTechnica]


¶ Australia has pledged more than A$500 million ($379 million) to help preserve the Great Barrier Reef, in an attempt to help better protect the world heritage site…

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