Community-owned Grocery Stores Fill Food Deserts

“When a grocery store in a small town dies, the town dies,” said Yvonne Scott, healthy food access co-ordinator of AmeriCorps VISTA, a national program formulated to relieve poverty, based on a 1960s proposal from President Kennedy.

Some campaigners have pooled resources to establish community-owned stores; others have created co-operatives to start shops. In other towns local councils have joined residents to set up partnerships with some public money to run stores.

In Kiowa, Barber County, a co-operative manages the new store, and in Little River, Rice County, the city government and a community foundation have combined for the purpose. In Plains, Meade County, local activists intend to open a non-profit grocery business next year.

via Triple Pundit Community-owned Grocery Stores Fill Food Deserts