Set the Table for Life’s Arrival

When life delivers a package you are not happy with, give life a tip anyway. Give life a break and not take deliveries so personally. Life has a responsibility to deliver the packages life is assigned to drop off. You already know this. Life doesn’t choose to break your heart. Have a good cry and hug yourself and acknowledge to life itself that tomorrow is another day. It isn’t life’s design to make or break your heart. Life would have been perfectly happy to deliver a magnificent spring bouquet to you if life could.

Make room in your heart today to be glad that the prize bouquets life could have blessed you with today blessed someone else today. Be, as it is said, a good sport.

Your tears will dry, and you will make friends with life once again. You are not obliged to jump for joy. Your heart doesn’t have to put its arms around every delivery. You are not indifferent to life. Life, as it shows up, matters to you deeply, and you go on, and you don’t take life out on life itself.

Beloved, you are not a pretender to the throne. You are the true prince or princess, and you carry on as a truly beautiful prince or princess.

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