The real reason tech billionaires are prepping for doomsday |

What are the tech-preppers really worried about? Not death by fire, quake, or ice. Not the rising seas, or the zombie plague, not the return of Christ or rogue comets. Seen clearly, the calamity that the wealthy fear is democracy returning to the United States. Every tall tale they tell involves the specter of the mob.

The tech-preppers understand, at a deep level, that their ill-gotten gains are predicated on an unjust system. Deep in the brain, where reptile impulses live, tech-bros know hoarding is wrong. Human beings — even very wealthy human beings — have a bone-deep sense of injustice. We know a freeloader.

Why don’t we give them the world they want? I invite the tech-preppers to fully indulge their fantasies: leave, and never return, never darken our doors again. Instead of frustrating their hobby, we should enable it. To your scattered bunkers go, await the end of days. The legends of the fall are the first hope of an eventual spring.

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  1. The silicon billionaire preppers. The rightwing preppers want society to fall apart, to appease their bigotry, and elitism.  They hate democracy. They worked hard to get Trump elected!  The disruption, raping of america now by trump will lead to chaos. The full chaos they crave,
    has many more ramificactions than they realize. They consider themselves the aristocracy. They believe in neo-feudalism, and some, even extremest violence or chaos to get what they want. 

    When the boot drops and a big meltdown and or fuel fire occurs in a rickety, american nuclear-reactor, the first to go, will be the baby boomers born 1954 to 1963. 

    They had the hell irradiated, out of them, in their mothers wombs, during the open-air nuke tests of that time. There was a huge increase, in autism during that period, and now their descendants are getting it. Autism is doubling every five years.
    That was from the open air testing all over the globe, and meltdowns in that time. 

    One cannot, necessarily see radionuclide fallout. There is the pink glow at fukushima now. Our dna knows, our chromosones know, our rna, and fragile cell structures in our body know, our damaged stem-cells know! The already damaged baby-boomers, born in the 50s and early 60s, will get sick first from the mega irradiation and radionuclide fallout, of another major meltdown and or a fuel pool fire, in the continental usa. The average life expectancy for late baby boomers, gen xers, and beyond, has gone down from previous generations, at 75, to 65. 

    A major nuclear accident, and or fuel fire in america, will effect the open-air bomb irradited , late baby boomer profoundly
    Many already have chronic illness. Their immune systems will go, their already damaged bone marrow will fail. Their bodies repair mechanisms. and feed back systems will completely fail.

    Important cancer cell elimination mechanisms, in their bodies will be gone, from the damage of a second major irradiation. Any heart defects or, organ malfunction will be amplified a thousand times. Awful stuff. Cancer rates will soar. Thyroid, dysfunction and cancer. Lung cancer sky hi, unprecedented leukemia. Acute radiation sickness for those closest to the nuclear meltdown will occur. It is coming. It is coming soon. Nobody cares 

    What these and othe ayn rand ideologues, who hate democracy, and working poor forget, is all those nuclear reactors, nuclear fuel pools, all the nuclear waste and nuclear bombs, will totally contaminate the biosphere, and make it uninhabitable once their caretakers are gone, as they unravel society.
    This will occur as society descends into chaos and civil war. Hard to imagine how any person or group of people could be so selfabsorbed and irrational
    But they are! 

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