North Korea wising up, Trump/USA cannot be trusted

Reports just in from South Korea confirm that Pyongyang has pulled out of bilateral talks that were scheduled to begin in a matter of hours between officials of both Korean states. The report further indicates that the DPRK has threatened to cancel June’s Kim Jong-un/Donald Trump summit in Singapore due to the continuation of US led military drills on the Korean peninsula.

The DPRK has grown increasingly angry with US attempts to polarise the current peace process. Today’s announcement came after US National Security Adviser John Bolton said that in order to complete a peace agreement with the DPRK, the US would demand that Pyongyang’s nuclear weapons be shipped to the United States.

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Just as with Iran, once N. Korea gives up it’s nuclear weapons, it will be taken over either via economic hit men, or via military force. Trump has already offered the economic hit men as a ‘benefit’ to them. If they take the bait, down goes the hermit kingdom, and regime change will be the next item on the agenda, unless the fearless leader bows and scrapes to the will of King Trump.

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