Tesla’s Giant Battery Saving Consumers Huge Dollars – Gas Turbines in Trouble

Climate Denial Crock of the Week

teslabatt_ozGeneral Electric,Siemens, and Mitsubishi, all scaling back production of gas turbines. This is one reason why. Future muddier for gas, bright for batteries.

I’ve asked the question before: Will Gas break wind? or Will Wind Pass Gas?

REnewEconomy- Australia:

The Tesla big battery in South Australia has already taken a 55 per cent share in the state’s frequency and ancillary services market, and lowered prices in that market by 90 per cent, new data has shown.

The stunning numbers on the economics of the country’s first utility-scale battery were presented at the Australian Energy Week conference in Melbourne on Thursday by McKinsey and Co partner Godart van Gendt.


Speaking as part of a panel on the leading technologies and strategies that will help manage the transition to renewables in Australia, van Gendt said the data was more evidence that battery storage would “play a very big role.”


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