Who Has the Wisdom to Make All Decisions? | Heavenletters

Sometimes it may seem that unhappiness comes whatever the decision, and there really doesn’t seem to be a good arrangement to be made. Is it possible to make a decision bearing on others’ lives that does not matter keenly?

How far can a human heart go in decisions that the mind makes? Sometimes it doesn’t seem possible that there can be peace, liberty, and happiness for all.

There may also be unspoken contracts by the dozens. Unspoken commitments and hearts laid bare.

You could be the finest, most loving person in the world, and no matter which way you go, you leave a trail of broken hearts along the way, including your own.

Yet how can you always make decisions that spare anyone’s pain, let alone everyone’s?

Is doing what is called the right thing always or ever the right thing to do? On what basis does any human being faced with making a hard decision decide it? There may not be one precise turn in the road to take. In the world, one result seems to be a consequence of many turns at the time and no clear turn if ever to choose from. There just may not be a flowered path out there. Blindfolded, you make a choice. Even when you don’t make a conscious choice, then in not making a choice, a choice is being made no matter how chancy it may be.

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