Stones Compared To Love

Stone does not last in proportion to love. Love is all.

Try as you may, you cannot feign love. Love is the true reality. Life and love are partners. There is not life nor love without the other. Believe Me, life and love are in step. They are a worldwide partnership as are the Sun and the Moon. They abound. You already know the attraction of the oceans and the Moon known as tide.

Oneness goes further than attraction. Oneness is Oneness. Oneness goes beyond the strength of a magnet. Oneness is of equal mettle, far beyond comparison.

Do you begin to grasp now the illusory quality of time? Time is very definitely bounded, whereas love and life are off the charts. Time exists only on the charts and nowhere else.

You may think of soil as under your feet and that which you stand on. In truth, love is your foundation, love and nothing but love. Without the reality of love, your body could not stand up.

Surely, you have attachment to your physical body and all the senses, yet your true long-lasting sense is love, and that’s it. You are born from love to give love. Love is not an add-on. Love is integral to everyone’s Being, no exceptions. No war is truly fought over love. Wars are waged over pride. Duels arise from vanity, Vanity stands apart from love.

Love arises from love and naught else and naught less. Illusory vanity and pride have no place in love. Love is not approbation or adornment. Love is not a need, because love is your substance now.

In the world, it may be said that love is wanting. Love may be shunted off somewhere, yet the whole idea of love absent is off the wall.

Talk about love can only be talk about love. There is all the love in the world whether you catch on to it or not. Love is. Absence of love is not. Non-love does not exist. That which is considered as the opposite of love is love that has been thwarted and not let go of. Love makes no demands. Love is.

The ocean has waves, yet love and the ocean go deeper than any waves.

via The Sun Awakens You | Heavenletters