Opioids are Being Found in These Sea Creatures

The funny thing about mussels is, they don’t seem to metabolize oxycodone the same way humans do at all. It doesn’t go through the same metabolic processes as a mammal, so it doesn’t seem to do as much. However, carcinogenic substances and chemo drugs certainly harm sea life, and antidepressants literally are capable of turning fish gay.

The chemicals are simply endocrine disruptors, the whole “gay frogs” meme is bizarre because mainstream scientists were the ones to report that drugs in water were making fish lose their proper gender function.

Remember while the opioid crisis serves as justification for a few things the government wants to do, they’re trying hard to crack down on kratom still.

Kratom is an herb from southeast Asia that may be the number one most effective treatment for opioid or opiate addiction. You can’t overdose on it, but it will ease withdrawal symptoms and provide a much safer alternative. The FDA, DEA, and other agencies of government have been trying to crack down on it since 2016.

via Opioids are Being Found in These Sea Creatures | Openhearted Rebel