USA nuclear lobby’s latest promotional tactic – “Nuclear is N.I.C.E.”


America Joins With Canada And Japan To Promote Nuclear Power,  Forbes, , 29 May 18, “…… at a summit in Copenhagen, Denmark last week, it was clear the US is now trying a different tact.

A ‘Clean Energy Summit’ was organized bringing together energy ministers from across the world. At the event, the US launched new partnerships to promote nuclear power and coal with carbon capture and storage technology as alternatives to traditional fossil fuels……

The new nuclear partnership with Japan and Canada, was launched on Thursday. At the summit, the US was able to convince two new partners who are member states of the European Union – Poland and Romania – to join the alliance.

The partnership is called Nuclear Innovation: Clean Energy Future (NICE Future).

“Countries will need to use nuclear energy alongside other forms of clean energy to deliver a sustainable energy mix that is…

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