Do You Know Where Your Meat Comes From? 75 Percent Of Beef Is Wrongly Labeled As Product of the USA

Harris, who estimates at least 75 percent of the grassfed beef consumed in America comes from Australia, New Zealand or Uruguay, says American consumers are being intentionally misled. Millions of pounds of beef, imported from other countries, are being wrongly labeled as “Product of the USA,” Harris said.

Mike Callicrate of Ranch Foods Direct agrees. He told us that:

“U.S. grassfed producers can’t come close to competing with cost of production of South American, Australian and New Zealand imports, especially considering producers in the exporting countries are similarly being exploited, forced to produce below cost, by the same multinational packers.

“I just returned from a ranch tour in Argentina. They think it’s funny that most South American beef is considered ‘grassfed.’ They said that may have been true 20 years ago, but not today. Their highest-quality cattle prices were 30 percent below the U.S. at the time of my visit. South American beef has also been falsely considered organic by default.”

via Organic Consumers Do You Know Where Your Meat Comes From?

Beef is perhaps the BIGGEST contributor to global warming due to the beef industry cutting down rainforests to create pasture for cows, which have a huge global warming impact.

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