Trump Lost the First Round of His Trade War With China

NBC reported, “As the Trump administration reached a deal Friday to reduce sanctions on the Chinese telecom giant ZTE, Congress has shown rare unity in working to prevent the president from giving in to the foreign-backed company in a way that would compromise national security.” In simpler terms, Congress has shown rare unity in backstabbing Trump and making sure that no Chinese negotiator takes Trump seriously ever again. Bloomberg had reported that “a potential bill to prohibit ZTE Corp. and other Chinese telecommunications companies from operating in the U.S. would have supermajority support in Congress, Republican Senator Marco Rubio said.” If the president can’t ensure that the promises he makes to Beijing won’t be torpedoed by Congress, then why bother negotiating?

Another problem for the Trump administration is that the Chinese view his trade war as a direct threat to China’s national security and even dignity. Trump could have framed the contentious trade issues in a different manner, but it’s too late for that now because even media outlets like Caixin (the privately owned leading business newspaper in China) lambastes Trump for trying to force “a fundamental opening-up of the Chinese economy to the Washington free-market liberal reforms that China has steadfastly resisted,” adding that Trump’s trade war “is a new version of the Anglo-American opium wars of the 1840s using other means to open China.”

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