US, UK and France Establishing New Military Bases in Syria

……”the aims of the coalition appear directed more toward partition than regime change. The U.S. has long sought to divide Syria in order to take control of the country’s resource rich Northeast and to isolate the Syrian government and, by extension, its regional allies such as Iran.

Though the U.S. has played on the hopes of Kurdish nationalists, it has long established plans for an authoritarian Wahhabist enclave in Northeastern Syria according to a leaked Defense Intelligence Agency document from 2012 and, more recently, courting the Saudis to “rebuild” the area. Furthermore, the fact that the SDF includes militias composed of “retrained” ISIS fighters also underscores that the coalition is more interested in controlling the region than aiding a Kurdish nationalism project.

Though advertised as an effort to “protect” the Kurds, the establishment of new American and French military bases in Northern Syria appear to serve as protection of the coalition’s regional ambitions and plans for the region.

via AntiMedia US, UK and France Establishing New Military Bases in Syria

Of course, all of this regime change and partitioning is illegal according to international law, but that never seems to stop the American empire building corporations from doing whatever they want to in pursuit of PROFIT at any cost, including millions of civilians lives and creating 65 million refugees that are then refused entry to the US, which created the problems in the first place.