Where To Find Infinite Strength, Wisdom, Protection, Security, Riches

No matter, consider God, your Initiator, as your very strength. Nothing surpasses Our connection. Nothing. For what is Our connection but love, and love is all there is. You do not need an army or high walls to protect you. I am enough. There is no need of great protection. You have God who erases the concept of need. I am ever at your service. I am your true shield. That is, love and light are your shield, and, of course, your Guiding Light.

Accept no substitutes. There are no substitutes. The greatest army in the world is no substitute for Oneness. Be aligned with the essence of Infinity, which is named love in the world. There is nothing to equal it.

You are mistaken to assume that money and repute and swords are equal. Have more faith in the Power and Glory of the God I am, and that You are as My clarion call. Harken unto Me. Harken to the lasting Power and Glory of God.

In Heaven, it is impossible that to the victor go the spoils. In Heaven, there is no spoils systems from which to declare victory. Be true to God, for anything else is less, no matter how highly viewed it may be in the world forever and anon. In the world, there is no forever and anon. The world is temporary. The world has its value, yet the world flits around. Everything in the world is temporal. This means temporary. That which is temporal is not lasting.

Well, sure, what is temporary is not the Truth of God. Infinity is the Truth of God and is also the truth of every One.

via The Word is with God | Heavenletters